We are currently full and not accepting animals at this time!

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Please do not declaw your cat. It is a cruel practice that can cause many problems for the cat. A great many cats are discarded after declawing because their paws are too sensitive to use a litter box. Imagine your finders cut off to the first joint. That is what declawing is to a cat.

Check our event page for details of our fundraiser: Lemonade Social and Garage sale on Sept.12th 2020

Perseverance, Hope and Love live here

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Jeff and Charlene Stromwall

19709 155th st.

Eden, Valley, Mn 55329                                                 

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We understand that choosing a charity is a very personal choice, but please find it in your hearts to donate

or pass along our information.

Any donation, no matter how small, can make a difference in these animals' lives.

Broken Roads Ranch was created to rescue and give sanctuary to abused/neglected and unwanted farm animals

We are a non-profit 501C3, tax deductible organization. We function mainly off of donations from generous people like you.


Please support our efforts to provide a safe, secure place for these unwanted/ surrendered or neglected animals.

Unlike a petting zoo we are not open to the public unless on specified visiting days or special events. We try to minimize any activity that would place our animals in a stressful situation.

However, Broken Roads Ranch welcomes, sponsors, donors and anyone interested in visiting our ranch to contact us to set up an appointment. Go to our contact page to pick the best way for you to contact us.

Our ultimate goal is to change the way people regard and treat animals.

We offer a non-judgmental, stress free, relaxing environment for you to interact with our rescues and learn about them.


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Look for Broken Roads Ranch under charities.

We have a wish list of supplies for our rescue. It's another way to donate to Broken Roads Ranch

Broken Roads Ranch was awarded the Change Maker Award


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                     BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                Jeffrey Stromwall-President

                Charlene Stromwall-Admin/secretary

                 Pat Dosch - fundraise       

             Amelia Wolf - advocate   

          Emmaline Stafki - volunteer

              Tammy Asp -  advocate