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                     BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                Jeffrey Stromwall-President

                Charlene Stromwall-Admin/secretary

                 Pat Dosch - fundraise       

                  Amelia Wolf - advocate    

                 Wendy Poulson - advocate/supporter     

Emmaline Stafki - volunteer

                   Nathan Barta - Supporter

Our Team

  • Jeff Stromwall- CEO/Co-owner

  • Charlene Stromwall- Admin./Secretary/Philanthropist

  • Wendy Poulsen - Board member/supporter

  • Amelia Wolf - Board member/supporter

  • Pat Dosch - Board member/volunteer/fundraiser

  • Emmaline Stafki - Board member/volunteer

Want to be an Advocate for Broken Roads Ranch?? Give us a call or an email and we can discuss it.

An Advocate is not just a title, it is an essential role in our success.

An Advocate believes in our mission, is proactive in helping raise funds, spreads the word about our rescue via social media/ networking and supports our cause. Being an advocate is a valuable part of Broken Roads Ranch and it's success to save abused, neglected and unwanted Farm animals.

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