Doing a "Walk through".

After driving by this place and knowing we needed to do a "walk through", Jeff and I schedule one with our realtor.

It was the end of June 2016. The excitement once we drove up was incredible. I wasn't even noticing anything at first, "Just let me in the house", was all my mind was saying.

Jane our realtor opened the door, I pushed through and my eyes lite up. I moved from room to room, running rather, knowing, feeling, this was it. Jeff and Jane were not as quick to follow.

I ran back to the kitchen and said to my loving husband,' Let's make an offer."

Okay, it wasn't exactly like that but I had that feeling, the feeling my mother said I would feel, this was going to be our home. Jeff's recollection I am sure is a bit different.

The house was a disaster. If you looked past the dirt and grim from years of neglect, you would notice the next layer of dirt and grime from years of inhabitance. The house was empty and had been for some time. There were kitchen drawers full of flies and bugs, stained carpet and vinyl flooring, toilets filled with black stinky goo, ducked taped doors and windows, appliances, well I have seen better at the junk yard, shall I go on?!

This house was unmistakably neglected but I could see past that, I was driven by that feeling.

We decided to put an offer in that day. Little did we know it wasn't going to be that easy.

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