Renting before closing

Fast forward now to July 9th. We found a buyer for our St. Augusta house and the sellers accepted our offer on this place. Part of our offer was to let us come in early(about 9 days early) before closing and clean the house so it is somewhat livable, which they agreed. We had a crew of 7 family and friends. One of our volunteers was my dad who picked washing windows as his project. Let's just say, my dad will never wash windows again.

My loving husband bless his heart took the job of the upstairs bathroom. The walls of said bathroom were covered with what we could only describe as years of chewing tobacco juice....yuck!!

After a few days of heavy cleaning the sellers realtor tells us that the closing date will be delayed. We were not in a position for delays, we had to be out of our old house on the 24th of July.

They offered us the option to rent a few days in this house, which we agreed.

O.k., closings are finally done it's now July 28th, this house is ours, now what?

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