Saying good-bye

We thought Elliot's illness was nothing to worry about but the vet said they had to do surgery . After bringing Elliot in on his surgery day, we got a call that he wasn't doing well, his heart stopped once but they revived him. They had to move him to the emergency Vet to see if they could bring his blood sugar down to try surgery again. The stress was almost unbearable.

On July 15th we were told Elliot was not going to survive his illness, he was suffocating from a mass growing , constricting his breathing and heart function. I needed him home with me, we needed to bring him home for one night, one last night with my big guy in our new home. His tired body, his labored breathing, I cuddled him all night long, The next morning I carried Elliot out on the deck swaddled in his favorite blanket. He lifted his face to the East as to catch the sun rise on his face. I knew he was saying good bye to this world. My heart was broken.

Elliot's ashes are scattered across our pasture, a place I know, if he had survived, would have love to explore. RIP big guy, still close but free.

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