The plague

If you have ever moved, you can relate to the sudden realization of how much "stuff' we as humans can accumulate. Now take 3 people (me, Jeff and my son Christopher) who met late in life, married and then continued to accumulate more junk for 11 years in one house, that is a lot of stuff. Flash back to June 2016 , Pre- farm house finding but post offer acceptance on the St. Augusta house.

Jeff decided we would hire a moving company to move furniture and heavy items while we pack up a 56' semi trailer with the rest of our items. Every week-end Jeff who is a trucker by trade would haul this huge trailer in front of our house and we started loading. We wanted to be ahead of the game in case we found a farmstead. We had exactly 3 weeks to find a place before the buyer of our house could back out (contingency).

Jeff was so sure that everything we had minus the furniture would fit in that 56' trailer. I think it was after the first week of packing the trailer Jeff was still saying,"I think we will make it". By the second week, Jeff's comment every time we handed him something changed to," I am not sure if it's all going to fit." By the end of the month Jeff said,' I don't think it's all going to fit." We did make it fit (barely).

Now, I hadn't mentioned that we had 2 dogs and 2 cats to move as well. Unfortunately one cat Elliot (my big guy) had fallen sick just before our move.

Fast forward to July 24th, the day we had to close on our house St. Augusta house.

We said goodbye to the the house we shared for 11 years and hello to our forever home. I drove to the farmstead with one pick-up, Christopher drove with the other pickup and Jeff followed with the semi and trailer packed with all our other stuff. The moving company met us at the farm with our furniture, things were in sync, it was a good day, it was the start of our next chapter in life, it was exciting........and then it started raining.

See this truck, well that is Jeff's semi, the trailer is not. This isn't the trailer we had filled with our stuff but it was similar. When Jeff parked the trailer filled with our "evidence of life" in the yard, he did so it was easily accessible and in short walking distance to the house. We decided, every day we would go out and bring in a few loads. Our optimistic thinking was to have the trailer empty in a few weeks. That trailer became like the one wanted to go near it. I can't even count how many times I walked out, opened the doors, looked at the over stuffed interior, closed the doors and said," Nah, not today."

We finally got some help from my son and his friend. It was slow going but we got it all unloaded.

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