What would the neighbors think????

I have to include this story because, if we lived in town and I was doing this, as the title says," What would the neighbors think?"

It was last year 2016. I think it was early spring but I can't be sure. We have of course a septic system. The system, by law had to be checked out before the sale of the home. I guess it was only a few years old. We have a septic pump alarm in the basement and it's very loud. One day, while Jeff was on the road and Christopher, our son, was at college, the alarm went off. I freaked out. I called Jeff who then told me to check the breaker, which I did. The breaker was off, I switched it back on but the alarm would not go off (the alarm should go off after the pump catches back up). Jeff called an electrician and I was suppose to stand by. Now granted this is early in the morning, I am in my pajamas and hadn't even had my coffee yet. Jeff calls me back said I need to find out if there is electricity to the plug-in on the septic pump, which is out by the septic mound. I don't know much about septic systems, let alone a lug in outside. Well, the box that had the plug-in had sunk into the ground over time so I needed to get a shovel. The ground is cold and wet and I am none too happy. Jeff then said , after I locate the plug in, I was suppose to bring something that ran off of electricity out there, plug it in and see if there is electricity to the pump.

Here is the mental picture of what it looked like. I am in my pink pajamas with monkeys all over, my red robe, my hair dryer and the coffee grinder. I am sitting on the ground in wet grass and mud plugging my hair dryer into the septic pump plug. Nope, there wasn't electricity. Jeff tells me, the electrician is on his way.

How many people have seen someone in monkey pajamas and a red robe with a hair dryer and coffee grinder, sitting on a septic mound in the early morning hours? This is all true, unfortunately.

Needless to say, the electrician came fixed the wiring , fixed the sinking problem and we were good to go. Well, one more thing. I was wondering when the last time the septic had been pumped out. Jeff and I decided it wouldn't hurt to have it pumped, especially knowing the neglect this house went through. All I can say is thank the good Lord we did have it pumped, it was full to the brim and close to causing us a big problem.

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