Lipstick on a pig

We love this place, don't get me wrong but it was not pretty at first. The whole 10+ acres was over grown to jungle proportions, including the yard around the house. Not only did we have thick brush and scrub trees everywhere, even growing out of building foundations, but we had thistles and cockle burrs. We had to hire a brush cleaning company to come to chop and mulch down the entire pasture and part of the yard.

Every building was filled with trash, old mattresses and discarded appliances. There were even mattresses and appliances in our woods and tree line. It was a treasure hunt where ever we look, but not the kind of treasure you wanted to find. Behind our shop building was one of several garbage piles that the previous owners would burn but not totally.

We lost count on how many beer cans we would find. They seemed to grow out of the ground. Every day we went out and walked around, it seemed a fresh batch of cans sprouted. even after two years when we are walking around, someone will yell,"Guess what I found" and the response is always, "A beer can." It took two 20 yard dumpsters, and trip to town with 9 old appliances before we got the property almost cleared of all the trash.

I think my greatest treasure was when I was walking around the house . I am always looking down and picking up some form of trash, it has become my obsession. This particular time I saw something that the grass had grown over. I reached down and pulled out a pair of men's boxers. Now I ask why??? I should have taken a picture just for the pure hilarity of it but I really don't think it was something I wanted for posterity. The buildings all have good bones, just neglected and in desperate need of repairs and spiffing up.

The house needed and still needs a lot of work. I won't list all it's faults but exterior doors were a must. At one time they were white and the duct tape wasn't too appealing either. Of course our contractor had to try to install new doors in an old house. He did a good job but we still have a few problems with them. All of the appliances had to be replaced, so we were in a mad rush to get new ones. The sellers realtor said all appliances worked but I think he was thinking of another house, not this one. We accepted our losses because we loved this house, the property and all the buildings. Some time in your life you have to make a few compromises and ours was accepting the neglected condition of this place. I do have to be honest, it has been more compromise than we expected, not quite a money pit but pretty darn close. I can't ask too much of the house though, it was built in the 1800's and still has the log home structure between the drywall. I love it and that's that.

We are dedicating all our finances to repairing the barn and out buildings for the rescue, rather than toward the house. Oh yah, I have painted, cleaned, decorated but like the post is called,"Lipstick on a pig", no matter what you do to pig, it is still a pig.

Even though the house has a few slanted floors and cock-eyed door frames and windows, it is endearing. It is a comfortable house, a kind of house that if a guest comes over, they can feel free to walk in, sit down and just relax. O.k.., this is the babbling I was warning you about.

So, here we are almost 2 years in this house and our dream is close to coming true......4 goats and 2 ponies will be joining the family in spring.

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