applying for our 501C3

The year is 2016, September. We finally started our application for our 501C3 status for our farm animal sanctuary. We had to pick a name first which might seem simple but it is far from it. Jeff and I both had ideas but my mind kept going back to the Rascal Flatts song, "God bless the broken roads". That was our wedding song. We felt it was fitting for us since we both had roads that ended and broke off to another direction but finally lead us together. My thought was a rescued animal has experienced the same, broken roads. So there it was, "Broken Roads " was now our name . We needed to add something to it and thought "Farm", Broken Roads Farm. So we looked it up under available names and broken roads farm was taken. We tried Broken Roads Ranch and low and was available. We had a meeting with our CPA and he submitted our form to the IRS. We now had to wait to see if they accepted us. During the waiting period we had to file with the state. Now, none of these filings are free or even cheap. We finally heard from the IRS and we were denied our 501C3 status. There was an oversight in the filing and we were listed as a LLC not our mistake mind you , it was the state). We didn't know and even our CPA didn't catch it. Well, we had to re-file and re-pay all the fees. You would think that since the state made the mistake, they would just re-do it but nooooooo, we had to re-file and repay, got to love MN government. We removed the LLC and changed it to non-profit which it should have been all along, live and learn and repay fees I guess.

On Oct. 12th, we received the letter from the IRS that we were accepted and are now a IRS recognized 501C3 non-profit...Yay!!!!

We immediately started looking for any grants that were available to us. It was a lot of computer work, phone calls and letter writing. Unfortunately, there is really nothing for start up animal non-profits. It was kind of defeating to learn that rescue animal grants are kind of hard to find and/or get. We still have one that we can apply for in April so I will cross my fingers.

So, now we are a recognized 501C3, so time to get busy on setting up social media.....oh this was going to be fun.

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