Teaching an old dog new tricks

Oh Social media, who can live with out it......me!!! Unfortunately with a non-profit, social media is a must. No one in our family, including our son used FB, Instagram or even had a website before.

I am 50 years old and have only used the computer to pay bills and email. Here I am faced with the vast world of technology and I don't know where to start. I asked my sister Amelia, who has a website for her business which company she uses. She told me out of all the websites she tried, WIX was the easiest to set up and use. I don't think there is any social media platform that is 'easy" for me. The website was a nightmare. It wasn't WIX fault, it was all me. I had to secure and purchase a domain name which luckily Broken Roads Ranch was available (meant to be I guess). I had to learn all the lingo like URL, widget, HTML etc. I am still in the dark on some of it but after 2 months I think I am getting the hang of it. My next venture was FB and that was worse than the website. I still don't understand some of the things I can do on it but I did get it up and running. I then had to link our website to FB, start finding friends. You know, it's hard to be rejected in person but for some reason harder when someone doesn't want to friend you on FB. After about 2 months of working on FB, putting ads out for our rescue, we started to get more people interested in us. It is so exciting when someone you don't know sends a friend request or likes your post. Although I did have a friend request from someone that was definitely not interested in our mission. I think she was more interested in sending titillating pictures to the men in our house (the picture attached to the friend request said it all). Oh the interesting things we find on social media. I do have to say we have met and been in contact with so many good people out there that we never would have found with out social media.

We do have an Instagram account as well, that I did not set up. One of our advocates for Broken Roads set it up and is handling it. I need to learn how to add pictures to it as well but right now, I have enough on my plate and my brain.

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