How do you start receiving donations? You think it would be easy right? Well it's not. There are so many charities and gofundme pages that it is a small chance someone will find your cause and decide to donate.

I think the hardest part of getting donations is not only finding people who are interested in your cause, but creating trust between you and the donor.

How do we get people to trust us when we are just starting and do not have animals yet? Well, we just try. We put our story out there and hope someone is willing to support our cause. Jeff and I both have a very small family/friend base so not much to grab at there. I put up a Gofundme page but other than 2 donations, it has basically been inactive. I noticed that there are so many people asking for money that you kind of blend into the mass. Social media has been good to us. We have reached so many people with the same compassion for animals, but how do we get them to donate? There have been a few people we didn't know that donated and also became FB friends. We contacted various rescue groups to get not only advice but offer our services if needed.

I have sat at this computer emailing and sending out letters to a boat load of corporations with no response. Do I get discouraged, sure I do, does it stop me, hell no. My motto has always been, 'It doesn't hurt to ask." The worse that can happen is they say no and your no worse off then you were before.

I am hoping once we do get the ponies and goats here, people will be more apt to donate. We started asking for donations to prepare for the animals. You can't just get animals in and not have the supplies you need or the stalls built. Lumber, nails, paint etc cost can add up to a lot. Anyone that has ever attempted a home DYI project knows that.

Our main goal is to inform people that 100% of their donations go to the shelter and care of the animals. Right now we are budgeting our household money to buy supplies for the barn.

Once we really get going our goal is to invite various groups to our farm. Our target areas will be senior citizens, veterans and the handicapped. We will decide what kind of fundraiser to start and advertise. Right now, the most important goal for us is to get these animals here. Hopefully, donations will come.

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