Meeting our rescue Ponies

Last week-end we went to New Ulm to see our rescue mini horses, Jimmy and Jackson. They are staying at Forever Home Animal Sanctuary until we are done fixing fences and electrical in the barn. It was the most enjoyable day. The weather wasn't the greatest but our excitement over ruled the weather.

The owners of Forever Home animal sanctuary, Sue and Pete Guggesberg were so wonderful. I brought along some treats for the boys....apples and carrots. I was able to take the ponies for a walk with Sue and we talked about the exchange, transportation, special needs etc. We are getting so close to having these special guys with us.

I want to say a few words about Sue and Pete Guggesberg. They are fabulous people doing wonderful things. They have a beautiful sanctuary and take care of so many special needs cats and horses. They are such a great example for us and we learned so much from our visit.

The next visit down will be picking up the mini's and bringing them home to live.

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