Yay!!!! Our first corporate donation!!!

As I mentioned in other blogs, we have been sending out requests for donations to multiple corporations with now luck.

I woke up today, let the dogs out and it wasn't very nice. The wind was whipping and it looked like rain was coming ( it did start raining later). Our mailbox is across the gravel road and there is no shelter from the wind. On really cold days I have to talk myself into going to get the mail. I am never too excited because it is either junk mail or bills. Today was a different day.

Of course there were a few bills stacked in the mail box but in between the bills was a letter from Stearns Electric Association Trust.

I rushed to the house to open it and I couldn't believe what was in the envelope. It was a corporate grant check made out to Broken Roads Ranch. Our first corporate donation....YAY!!!

Of course I immediately called Jeff to share the great news.

Today makes all the time I spend on the computer contacting various corporations, sending out letters and filling out forms all worth it. I am not undermining personal donations. It is just trying to get corporate grants is extremely hard, especially for a start up rescue like ours.

We do appreciate everyone who has donated to our mission. Every dollar we receive helps. With out all of you, we wouldn't be able to do what we do. Thank you again to all our donors and supporters.

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