We got ourselves a "Honey wagon"

Well, no farm is complete with out a "honey wagon", "Shit spreader", "Shit flinger" or "Manure spreader". What ever you call it, we got it. It was a busy day. We followed Jeff's cousin to a farm where they were selling their grandpa's old farm machinery. I knew we were going to look at the manure spreader but I wasn't totally prepared for what it was going to look like.

I looked at it and, then looked at Jeff and said," REALLY". yeah, Jeff's cousin Ken said it was a good wagon for what we needed. To me it looked like something that would make a nice lawn ornament. Well Jeff bought it, it wasn't that much, but more than I would be willing to want to pay. I guess it works but we will see.

Now this spreader has been sitting for Lord knows how long. Jeff brought a compressor along to put air in the not to trust worthy looking tires. They held air so we were good to go., so we thought. We drove back to Eden Valley very slow, watching the tires out of our side mirrors. We lost a chunk of one tire half way home but it was holding. Then, the "Stromwall Factor" happened. The right tire blew, pieces flying everywhere. It was a cold damp day and we were already chilled but we had to try to change the tire. Jeff brought a spare and with great effort, got the lug nuts off, but our spare didn't fit...too big. We had to leave our precious cargo by the side of the road. We went to our neighbors and he had a few wagon tires for us to try. Jeff went back and just as he was pulling up to the wagon, so was the Meeker county sheriff. 'What's happening", said the sheriff.

"Really"!!! Well I can see the confusion for the officer, I mean here is our wagon, on a jack, tire off and Jeff has a new tire in hand .

Jeff did get the wagon home but we need two new tires. When we inspected the other tire I am glad we weren't farther away than we were. The other old tire lost most of it's rubber and it wouldn't have made it many more miles.

It is home now, safe in our machine shed. It needs some spiffing up and a good lube on the chains but it is ours.

As a rescue, you get what you can afford and well, this is what we could afford. I am excited to see it in action and if it doesn't work...well, you will see it in our yard full of flowers.

Life is never dull at Broken Roads Ranch.

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