Popsicle is back

A few months ago a couple from Minneapolis called us to ask for help. They found a Muscovy duck frozen in the ice on the freeway (hence the name Popsicle). We weren't ready for animals but we had them bring us Popsicle so we could assess his health and possibly find him a home.

We did find a home for Popsicle at a local farm who had Mallard ducks. Popsicle did well at the farm for a few months being free range but then decided to be a brat and attack the other ducks. Popsicle enjoyed hanging with the cows and horses rather than the other ducks. Well, Popsicle had to go. We , as a rescue have strict rules that if an adopted animal is not working out, the animal had to be returned to us. So Popsicle is here to stay. .....YAY!!!! Jeff asked me," You were hoping to have him back all along weren't you?!" Yes, I guess I was.

We cleaned up one of the chicken rooms for him in the barn, built him an outside enclosure that he accesses via a ramp.

At first Popsicle seemed depressed and was always looking for a way outside. In fact he did get out and Jeff and I spent 45 minutes trying to corral him back in the barn.

Popsicle is doing well now. he is getting used to his enclosed environment and loving all the treats he gets....apples, grapes, blueberries, spinach etc.

Every morning when I let the dogs out, I take my cup of coffee and sit next to Popsicle in his outside enclosure and we have a conversation. The dogs are very interested in him, Lucy our shar Pei mix is a little too interested.

I am so happy to have Popsicle here. I feel so much better that he is contained for now. W have so many coyotes, fox and other predators, it makes us feel better.

When we get the miniature horse and goats, Popsicle can have friends to hang out with in the barn.

Popsicle is a very intelligent duck and he seems to have learned his name. he is getting more friendly but not enough where I can actually pet him yet. He is not aggressive like a goose, he just moves away when you go into his pen.

We could really use some donations to keep Popsicle in fresh pine shavings, fresh straw and duck feed. Won't you consider a small donation to Broken Roads Ranch. We as well as Popsicle would appreciate it.

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