40 fence posts.....need 40 more.

We bought half of the fence posts we need to start our fencing around the pasture. We need 80 posts and so far we have 40.

Jeff and our neighbor Dan spent the day stringing out the fence line . Next will be marking every eight feet where each fence post will go.

We will buy the next 40 posts and then 34 or more fence panels. I am dreading the day we put up the panels. Jeff and Dan will put in the posts. Dan has a special machine that vibrates posts into the ground so thank goodness no digging is involved. The panels are another story. large staples that have to be hammered in by hand on each post to secure the panel. I don't know if anyone has ever hammered in those huge staples but it isn't fun, ask my poor thumb which has been hit more times than I can count.

The prepping for the animals is the hardest part right now. We are trying to get everything set so by mid-may we can have everything set up so the ponies and goats can come.

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