My, My how time does fly!!

When I came on our blog, I was shocked to see my last entry.....2017....REALLY!!!

We have had a whirl wind of a year. Not only did we get the whole pasture, goat and horses fences up, but we built inside pens for any new animals to come.......and boy did they come. It has been a non-stop, no time to rest kind of year. I shall quote my husband Jeff, " I never thought we would have this many animals so soon!"

As you check out our residents page you will see all of our babies. All 30 of them including on inside cat which makes 31. This blog entry would be too long to tell you everything that we fixed, replaced, painted, changed, then re-changed. We had volunteers and donated items courtesy of Thrivent Financial and Tom and Pat Dosch as well as donations from generous followers and supporters.

We have come a long way in a year but yet, so much more needs to be done. It has been an exciting, exhausting, anxiety ridden year but we thank God for everyone that has helped us come this far. The animals are our main goal and we love every single one of them.

Now, let's see if I can add a few more blog entries before 2019...haha.

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