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We are currently full and not accepting animals at this time!

Since the start of our Sanctuary in 2016, We have 100+ animals in our care as of December 2020.

This is why donations are so badly needed.

Joining our family this Saturday Oct. 13th 2018, is Theodore a 2 year Julianne Pot belly pig.

His current owner needs a home for him because her dogs do not take to kindly to Theodore's rooting in the yard. We look forwarded to having you here Theodore.


Meet Wilma, an escapee from a pig farm. Wilma was found wandering by a neighbor, who bartered with the farmer to keep Wilma and give her a temporary home until she could find a forever home, Wilma is 1 year old and 300 lbs.. We transported Wilma here on Sept. 2, 2018.

Welcome Sweetheart


Welcome, Baxter and Eeyore 2 very neglected mini donkeys. Since we lost Sage, Samuel our resident mini donkey was lonely.and grieving. It seemed to be fate that these 2 boys needed a safe home and lots of care and attention. Samuel is enjoying his new family and the boys have settled in nicely. All three came to us over weight, so we are working to help them lose weight.

Left to right - Samuel, Eeyore, Baxter

Here comes another rooster. Ernie will be coming here to live on Sept. 15th 2018. He is being surrendered because he attacks his current owner's husband when he goes near the hens. Ernie (formally Blue) will join or 7 bachelor boys.


These little guys were born two days ago (2/8/17). They are both males.  We are taking these precious babies and giving them a forever home. We should have 2 more goats other than these two coming in spring.

Please help these guys and donate to our cause.

UPDATE: The boys are here. Meet Ruthie and LeRoy ( I know , one name is a girls name but they are named after my mom and dad). Look how they have grown.


Welcome Leo to Broken Roads. Leo was another dumped cat. he was dumped at a hobby farm down the road. We are not a cat rescue but I couldn't turn my back when the neighbor said he is extremely friendly, not fixed and had been beat up by other feral cats. We decided to take him, have him fixed and let him live in the barn with our feral fixed cats., Well, Leo was just too friendly and seemed to not have the instincts of an outside cat. So Leo has now joined our other 8 house cats and is doing well. He did have an upper respiratory, abscess on his leg and ear infection. He has treated for all his illnesses, neutered and is now up to date on his shots. He is just a big ball of love.

Momma cat and kittens rescue on Oct.14th 2018.

We were called to rescue a momma cat and kittens from under a trailer house. Venturing into very small spaces we were able to retrieve all 4 kittens and momma.with in several days. The kittens were no more than a few days old. Unfortunately one of the 4 kittens did not make it. When we took them to the vet, we discovered they had Coccidia which is a very contagious parasite fatal to kittens.The momma and 3 babies are being treated and living in a quarantined room in the house until they are parasite free.. We are not a cat or dog rescue but when it comes to animals in need, it doesn't matter. Momma and babies will remain living at Broken Roads Ranch, joining our other 4 rescued house cats.


Welcome Mr. french. This kitty was found as a stray.He has been fixed and is living with our 6 other barn cats. He appears to  have lived outside his whole life, but he is friendly. He now has no worries. Mr.French is warm, has plenty of cat toys, food and water. For Mr. French's sake and all the other strays...spay and neuter your cats to reduce the feral population.

Introducing Popsicle a rescued Muscovy duck. Popsicle was found half frozen with an injured leg on a freeway. We will assess his injured leg and have a vet look him over.

Would you like to be the first to donate to help Popsicle with his care???


Recently we have rescued two momma cats with 4 babies each. We also at the same time rescued 2 kittens that were orphaned after their mother was killed. We are not a cat and dog rescue but we couldn"t turn our backs on all of them. I will post more pictures of the families the picture you see is of Jack Buttons the black and white kitten and Peaches. They were so tiny we moved them into the house and there they stayed.The other two families are happy in the barn where they can be cats and sleep in there luxurious barn cat area.

Welcome Sage. Sage was surrendered to us by a woman who loved her but could no longer care for her. We traveled to Crosby Mn and brought Sage home on Feb.10th. Sage is a sweet 22 year old Appaloosa mare. She had been boarded outside 24/7.

Sage was used for trail rides and her current owner wanted her retired. Sage now has a warm barn to go into at night and at her choosing during the day. Please consider a donation toward Sages' care.

Our precious beautiful girl Sage passed away on Dec.3rd 2018. She was 24 years old and had a wonderful, stress free last year of her life at our sanctuary. She is greatly missed.

Welcome Sylvester.

Sylvester came to us on Dec. 26th 2017. The temperature....-11 degrees.

It is a sad story with a good ending.

A good Samaritan noticed a man repeatedly kicking a cat. When the abusive man was approached he said he was being evicted and didn't want the cat. The cat had been locked in a small room for most of his young life, left in the house for over 10 days with out food or water during the eviction process, and now kicked out in the snow on  this dangerously cold day. He would have never survived if not for the good Samaritan.

We normally do not accept cats but in this extreme situation we took him in. 

I named him Sylvester.

He is a very sweet boy and will stay here with us. 80% of all cats and dogs that are adopted , picked up from free ads or purchased usually end up surrendered, dumped or re-homed. It is a very heartbreaking statistic but one by one, we can make a difference.

One of 6 feral cats we live trapped, spayed/neutered and now they live in our barn. They are spoiled with cats trees, toys food and water, plus a warm place to live.

 If you believe in our mission, please donate to help us support the 42 animals we have in our care. Our mission thrives and survives off of donations, so any help from you would  allow us to take in and care for more animals.

Be the one to say," I helped save and provide a good home for that animal."



2 more roosters surrendered!!!

We took in 2 more roosters that were surrender because they were picking on the owners older chickens. We now are up to 7 roosters. Our 2 new residents are : Chanticleer and Mr. Tuttle. Welcome Boys!!!!

5 Delaware roosters were surrendered to us today (06/10/17). One of the guys has a deformed leg but he seems to get around fine. They seem to be very happy in their new home. Welcome Bachelor boys; Carl, Morty, Stan, Larry and Bob

They are here. Samuel the donkey, Elsa the white pygmy nanny and Ziggy the Oberhasli mix. Welcome to your forever home babies

Our new arrivals. Mamma Pygmy and her last litter. We decided to name the mamma Loretta (Lynn), the light baby Willy (Nelson) and the darker baby Waylon (Jennings). They are adjusting well. Mamma Loretta was very scared of human contact but she is warming up quickly. The new family is sharing their pen with our 2 boar goats LeRoy and Ruthie.

We would like to welcome our new surrendered residents. 4 Oberhasli milking goats. One is a pure bred and the other's are Oberhasli/Lamancha mix. The girls came to us from a woman who is ill and can no longer care for them. They were in desperate need of hoof trimming and vet care. We decide since the 4 girls are tightly bonded that their names should be Blanch, Rose, Sofia and Dorothy after the Golden Girls. They are settling in nicely. They have not had much human interaction so we are working on giving attention to them to build trust. Welcome Girls, we are so happy to have you.


We are heartbroken to say that our precious Carl passed away.. Carl came to use with a bum leg. The leg progressively got worse. We had a wheel chair for him and he was visiting the vet quite often. His leg was so bad that he could no longer walk or stand. Our only option was to seek out a vet who would or could do surgery on Carl's leg. Unfortunately, Carl died of a heart attack on the operating table. It has been a tremendous loss since he was our special guy.

We love you Carl and one day we will meet again. Rest in peace my sweet baby.


Welcome Daisy

             June 24, 2018

Daisy was a classic case of neglect. She was surrendered to us when the previous owner didn't have time for her anymore.

Daisy had been walking on her knees for well over a year and her hooves had at least 2 years of growth. 3 year old Daisy was also extremely underweight.

With the help of a generous vet, love and proper diet, Daisy is up walking, jumping and playing with our other goats. She is also putting on weight. After all she has been through, Daisy is the biggest sweetheart with a lot of love to give.

Meet Gracie. Gracie was found by a woman in Brooten Mn. We took Gracie in. We thought Gracie was a girl but she is a he.

Gracie was so emancipated that he never would have survived much longer.

Gracie is a perfect example of the cruelty animals go through in the hands of uncaring and misinformed people. Gracie had been declawed and he has lost some teeth. Someone threw him out to fend for himself. With out front claws and missing teeth, there was no way for Gracie to defend himself, let alone catch, chew or find food. Gracie lost his ears to frostbite and he has pneumonia. Gracie is on thyroid, blood pressure  and antibiotic medication. Through all Gracie has endured, he is a very loving and affectionate cat. It will be a slow process to get him back to health. He is so thin we can't even determine his age.

Please do not declaw your cat or throw them out like trash expecting them to survive. It is cruel and a death sentence for most.

May 2019

Gracie  who had the strongest will to live, passed away on July 12th. He died in our arms knowing he was loved.  Gracie thought us so much while we had him. We miss him so much. Rest in peace our wonderful little man.


Say hello to Clem, one of new surrendered roosters. Clem is  Jersey rooster. He was surrendered because he supposedly chased the family that had him. Clem has been a wonderful addition to our rescue. He is a very sweet guy who has shown no aggression what so ever.

Clem is a lovely guy and he has made himself at home here very quickly.

April 2019

Please remember, we are a non-profit rescue . 100% of all donations go to care for these animals, many for the rest of their lives.

We can can only take in as many animals as we can properly and financially care for . This is why donations and possible surrender fees are necessary. There are a lot of expenses associated with running a rescue. We can use and appreciate any financial support to help us care for all the animals. Please consider a donation toward the animals today!

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