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                     BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                Jeffrey Stromwall-President

                Charlene Stromwall-Admin/secretary

                 Pat Dosch - fundraise       

                  Amelia Wolf - advocate    

                 Wendy Poulson - advocate/supporter     

Emmaline Stafki - volunteer

                   Nathan Barta - Supporter

Wish list

As an animal rescue, we have on going needs for certain supplies. Here is a list of some of the items we use often.......

  • Pine Shavings Neimans- Medium (not saw dust or wood chips)

  • Meal worms- for duck and roosters

  • Baking soda

  • cat litter- Tidy cat clumping

  • Dry and wet cat food- Friskies Seafood flavor, soft food, Pate' style only, or Pro plan Pate'style.

  • scratch grit - for roosters

  • all flock feed - for duck and roosters

  • Monetary donations to help cover the cost of electrical or medical costs

  • LED light bulbs for the barn ( bright white)

  • cheap white paper plates to be used to feed the barn cats soft food 

  • 13 gallon trash bags

  • paper towels

  • barn lime

Here are a few things we always  need :

  • Monetary donations are desperately needed

We also have a separate account set up at Watkins Veterinary Clinic in Watkins MN. Donors can add to our account at the vet to offset animal vet care costs. Please call 320-764-7400 to donate to the animals vet care.

We appreciate everyone who has supported our rescue animals. Without you, we couldn't do what we do.

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